Monday, October 14, 2013

Aubrey's art work

To little buddies

Last night on our way home from grandma and grandpa's house Ethan was really upset so Aubrey held his hand the whole way home. It's moments like these that you love to be a mother. I hope they grow up being friends forever. 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ethans first haircut!!

I have been dying to give the E man his first haircut! I have been wanting to style his hair so bad but haven't had the guts to do it. Now that it is done I am thrilled!! He even loves it. He has smiling in the mirror and talking super cute!! Man I love this kid!!

Aubrey got her tinkerbell

So it has been a long process. Potty training hasn't been very easy for us. But our new incentive was giving Aubrey a tinkerbell doll if she finished her star chart. It was a pretty long chart for a little girl. But she wanted that doll very bad! It was also fun to see her work for something and see the reward! I am really proud of her. Next she wants an Ariel doll... I guess it is almost like getting her prepared for chores. She gets to see the reward at the end...

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Aubrey's Pet Show

Aubrey is turning 3 on Thanksgiving this year! I can't believe it! So I decided to have a family birthday party before all the hub bub of the holidays started. I asked Aubrey, "What do you want the theme of your birthday party to be?" and she said, "Pet Shop!" Which in Aubrey language means littlest pet shop. So I went with it and looked around online for some ideas... Did you know the littlest pet shop is one of the most used birthday parties? Lucky for me, there was a lot of ideas to go off of, but I went with this one. Pet show Birthday Party!!! So we made the invite...

All the kids were asked to bring their favorite stuffed animal so they could be in the pet show. I also got a party in a box from walmart with all the pet shop paraphernalia. So cool!!! 
 This is Aubreys glorific littlest petshop party!

 I made little stations for their pets to get ready for the show!! This is the Salon Area.
 Wellness check area. You have to make sure your pet is in good health!!
 The animals needed to rest and get their strength up!
Make sure they are fed in the kitchen area. I found some graham cracker scooby snacks that were in the shape of doggy bones! So cute!
Then if they forgot to get something for them at the store, don't worry, we have a store here!

Then we had the Pet Show!!!

First up, This is Pirdey, she is 17 years old, and she is a female! Jamaica said the special thing about her is that she loves her. Thank you Pirdey!
Next up is Clint's grinch. He was a little shy to present his animal, but his mommy helped out. Grinch is one year old and he is a female. hehe
 Next up is Gracie with her pet Penny. Penny is 0 months old, she is a newborn. Very fragile! and she is a female! Thank you Penny!
 Next up is Aubrey with her pet Unicorn. She is 3 and she is a female. She is special because Aubrey loves her.

 Then here is Trey with his pet turtle named Frog. He is 3 years old and he is a female. haha
Trey said she is adopted, which is pretty adorable!! Thank you Frog!

Next up is Silas with his pet Bark Bark. He is 1 year old and his is a male! (finally a boy!) 
Silas got a little bit of stage fright! He wanted his mommy!!
And the winner is.......... Oh wait, the judges couldn't decide. I will consult the rule book!!!!
We then read "Biscuit wins a Prize" by Alyssa Capucilli and Jamaica helped me by holding up a sign when everyone was supposed to woof!
In the end everyone won #1 Friend!!!! Everyone is a winner at this party! (bet u didn't see that coming)

Here is the award on Unicorn's neck! What a great friend just like Biscuit!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Can you tell the girls are really wanting to blow those candle out! haha 

L.J. being as cute as ever!!!


 She got littlest pet shop toys!!

 More pet shop toys!!!
 She got the movie tangled from her Grandma and Grandpa Pierce. She was watched it about 50 times since!! She loves it! She got sick the day after her birthday so it has been good for her to have this movie to watch and help her feel better!
She also got a Rapunzil barbie and Grandma and Pa Leland!!
and whats this...
Another Rapunzil doll!! From Jamaica and Gracie!! Yeah!! 
All in all, Aubrey had an awesome time at her party! Thanks everyone for the support!! We love you all!! She is now a princess and loving every second of it!!