Monday, June 29, 2009

Aubrey's First camping experience!

Okay so I haven't blogged in a while. Partly because it takes so long to put pictures up sometime... and you all know I love pictures. Also sometimes I get hooked on this stuff and I don't want to miss my child growing up so I don't post. I do, however, think blogging is kind of like a journal to me, so I should post to remember all this stuff... so enough rambling and here it goes.

We finally went camping with the Aub-inator! She did such a good job. She slept through the night so well. You can tell from the first picture that I rigged her up so she would be really warm. The problem was me... I kept waking up to make sure she was okay. She slept wonderfully though.

My sister Ashley and her friend Sophie came along. It was really fun having them.

Breanna brought little Roxy. She is so cute.

Ryan wouldn't look at the camera, he was too distracted by the slack line. haha!

Even Aubs went slack lining for her first time!!! She is so awesome!

We went shooting too! It was Ashley's first time!

Aubrey just sat and watched. I pluged her ears though. Don't worry.