Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Recovered Something!

So I am really excited about this. We got this rocking chair at a garage sale for $15.00 when I was pregnant with Aubrey. When we got it the pads on the chair were blue, which would have worked for a boy, but not for a girl. Joann's was having a really good sale on their Home Decor fabric so I broke down and got some and here is the result. The pictures doesn't do it justice. Since I was taking pictures anyway I decided to do a little photoshoot of Aubs. She is 9 months now! AHHH!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pierce Family Annual Fishing Trip!

So here we are again. The annual Pierce Family Fishing trip. A lot of you already know about this trip but I will explain anyway. For two weeks in the fall Ryan's Dad come to Rainier, OR to catch the Fall Chinook on the Columbia. We met him on his second week and was there from Thursday to Monday. We camp out on an island and fish for Salmon while the tide is running, and then fish for squa fish when it isn't. So really all we do is Eat, Sleep, and FISH! It is so much fun and very relaxing.

Aubrey did great while we were fishing on the boat. She did cry very much except for if she was hungry. She actually slept a lot. It was great! She feel asleep with her life jacket holding her head up! haha!

We were also able to hang out with Great Grandma & pa Pierce! Grandma made us two dinners after long days of fishing. They were wonderful company!

Aubrey loved being with her Great-Grandma Pierce. She cuddled up to her and played with her. I must say Grandma Pierce loved it too!

This was the relaxing part I was talking about!

Our friend T.J. was able to come and catch a Salmon of his own.

Aubrey with her Grandma and pa!

She liked to drive the boat!

I have been told there is a picture of Ryan with his Dad when he was little holding a fishing Rod. I can't wait to get the picture so I can put them side by side. When I get it I will post it!

Three Generations!

Aubrey was pretty excited to go camping. One night it started raining and storming and Aubs couldn't sleep so I took her out of her pack n'play and snuggled up with her in my sleeping bag. We didn't sleep very well that night. It rained for the next few nights so Aubs and I slept and Ryan's Aunt and Uncles, which was close by.