Thursday, October 22, 2009


Here it is! Our little humble abode! Yes it does look like a pumpkin with green trim and orange paint but I was willing to look past that at it's inner beauty (with the promise from Ryan that we would paint it in the spring). No really we are very excited about our new little house and making it our own. It is a lot of work, but we are excited for the challenge.

This is our living room. Luckily I have my mom. She cleaned the carpets for me. She is so great!

Here is the dining room right by the kitchen. This has been Aubrey's stake-out-point. She has been so good through all of this!

Hallway, Yes we have a hallway!

This is Ryan's office. Finally when he works from home he will have a little peace and quiet to work in. Hopefully.

This is our retro 60's bathroom. Yes the toilet is even brown. I am sure this was hip back when...
Like I said we are excited for the challenges and making this place our own.

More retro...

Our bedroom

This is Aubrey's bedroom. It came with that awesome shelf on the wall. I think her room is one of the coolest. Can't wait until I get my decorating hands on it!

She has a great mirror for admiring her cute little face in a ballerina outfit.

WORK IN PROGRESS..... Okay this is the kitchen that I have been slaving over, not to mention my mother as well. We have painted the walls and are still working on the cupboards. We are also putting tile up and getting appliances very soon. This will probably be the first one you see as a before and after once we are done.

More kitchen

This is the mudroom for the washer and dryer. More retro flooring, but I love this room!

Place for the washer and dryer. Still in the mudroom.

This is one of the best rooms in the house. The family room in the back. It is big with vaulted ceilings and a fireplace. The kitchen opens up to this room with a bar. This will be where most of the entertaining will be. Fun fun!

And this is what sold us on the house. The backyard is a forest. It is awesome!

Shed #1
Shed #2. Ryan loves that!


Awesome fire pit. Which we will be using for a mutual activity someday, I just know it!

This is the adorable face that looks back at me while I am wigging out trying to get everything done in this house. She is such a trooper. Ryan is working so hard and is loving every minute of it. The other day he was telling me how much he loves to do yard work in his own yard. haha! We are so excited to have a house. WEEKEND PROJECTS FOR LIFE! YEAH!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

We finally have a crawler!

So you might be thinking to yourself, she just started crawling at 10 months. I know I have been thinking it too. I have tried so hard to get his girl to crawl. I have given her plenty of tummy time, tons of trying to get her to come after a toy. But she just wanted to do it on her own time. The time has officially come and I am so excited. I actually find myself lucky. I have had a lot of time with Aubrey not being mobile. Now I know she is going to get into everything, but for 10 months she hasn't. Well bring it on little girl! I am just so excited for all the things she is learning.

Oh yeah and I haven't mentioned this yet on our blog. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! I will post pictures very soon.