Monday, December 27, 2010

Aub's Merry Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho! Santa Came to town!

 Just a little preface for this post. (and because this is like my Journal so I want to remember as much as possible) On Christmas Eve we slept at my parents house to wake with them Christmas morning. It was so fun for them to see Aubrey open her gifts and get excited about Santa. Well the night before Aubrey slept maybe an hour or so. I attribute it to Ashley repeating a million times to her, "Guess who is coming tomorrow... SANTA!!!" Or maybe it was all the chocolate my grandma Leland gave her the night before. Well with the two combined, I got NO SLEEP! Finally 7:30 rolled around and I got this little wired, overexcited girl out of bed. This is her "excited to get my stalking" face. 

 I think she is slobbering over her dads gift in this picture. Don't worry babe! You have enough of your own!

 This is her baby doll from her mom and dad! I am hoping it will be her little baby once we have our new little baby! In the process of opening this gift however she was leaning over the big box and ripped a big one. All of us started cracking up so hard we were crying. (I am laughing typing about it) She ran out of the room so embarrassed that it was hard to get her back in the room to finish opening the presents. I have never seen her embarrassed before, but we couldn't help it. It was so funny!

 It is also a tradition to go to my Granma Johnson's house for dinner on Christmas. As a kid I always looked forward to this because I don't see my family on that side very often, so it was like a family reunion every year! Aubrey got to meet my cousin Rachael's kids! They loved her! Revin (her little boy) followed Aubs around everywhere. And Aubrey didn't seem to mind! She looks mad in this picture, but she was actually really happy. (don't let the mask fool you!)
Here is Rachael and I. We grew up together as kids! I need to write down someday all the fun advetures and memories we had! Like fighting over barbies in our sleep, camping in my grandma's RV! It was so much fun to see her this Christmas!

Well Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope your Christmas wonderful and that we all remember the reason for the season. The birth of our Savior!

Christmas Eve at Grandma Leland's House

 Grandma got Aubs's a shopping cart!! She loves it by the way! I am debating trying to take it to the grocery store to see if it would entertain her. It would probably end up being a VERY long grocery trip though. 

 This is by far the best picture of Christmas!! haha!! Makes me laugh everytime I see it!

 Dad and Jason decided they needed to wrestle! It was so funny!

 This is Ryan laughing at them. I am sure he is thinking in his head, they haven't seen nothin! You gotta see me and my brother's wrestle!

 Attempting to take a pic with Grandma and Aubs. Not the easiest thing in the world.

 Then Aubrey decided she needs to wrestle with papa too!

 2nd attempt...

Oh sure! She will take a picture with her Aunt Ashley, but not her MOM!!!

Christmas Eve P.J's from Ryan's mom. 
Merry Christmas Eve!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Family Tradition Stolen

 First off, we got our Christmas tree. This was actually two weeks ago, but I wanted to document it none-the-less. It was so much fun! A guy my dad has done work for had a tree farm and he gave all the trees to us for free! It was such a blessing. We all had so much fun running around the tree farm picking out a tree for our homes!

 Here is our family tree! Everyone in the family said they saw it first, but I am pretty sure I saw it first.
 Ashley really wanted to take a picture with me...
 It was so funny watching Aubs walk around with an umbrella. From above it looked like a floating umbrella with boots on. It was so cute!
 Ryan keep telling me not to tell Aubrey that worms are gross. He wants her to like them for fishing. Ewwwww, I can't stand them, but I want her to love it too and not be a wimp like her mom.
Here is our beautiful tree! Notice all the ornaments on the top and a few on the bottom. That's how it goes when you have a two year old in your house. At least it hasn't fallen on her... yet. No presents under the tree either. Otherwise you would see a picture with her surrounded by unwrapped presents. I'm not going to risk it! haha
This is Aubs at our ward party. She just looked so cute I had to add a picture. And below she is with her friend Trey. Right after this hug they fell over and Trey hit his head on the wall. Sometimes Aubs gets a little too into her hugs! 

Finally, Here is the tradition that was stolen! Every year Ryan's family paints ornaments for their christmas tree. Well, we decided to try it out in the Leland Family as well, and it was really fun!! Needless to say, when my family gets together, we laugh A LOT.

 Jason decided Aubrey needed to wear a garbage bag when she painted. He was inspired!

 L.J. helped by looking cute and playing hard!

This was very intense at moments. We were all trying to gain favor with our mother! We wanted her to think ours was the best. In the end she said, "I love all of yours just the same." Sure! You know you liked mine best mom!!

 Here they are!! They turned out so cute!! We had such a fun night together! I love my family!