Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Learned a new fabric flower!!

I have had so much fun figuring out things to make for aubs and my hair. Here is a new flower I found on a blog. This blog is so cool!! It is called The Story of a Princess and her Hair! If Aubrey's hair was long enough for some of these hairstyles I would do them. Some are a little over the top, but I love that she tells you how to do all the hairstyles. Check them out!!

As for the hair rosettes, here click here for the tutorial.

Here are a few pics of the ones I made.
This one I put on a headband for my hair.

Then I made a clip for Aubs with the same fabric. I had some strips left over.

This is SO EASY!! All you need is:
                      -Some fabric you like (or something laying around)
                      -A glue gun
                      -Some felt for the bottom
                      -A clip or headband to put it on.
                      -Then watch the video on that blog to see how to make it!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FHE Playing in the park

 Aubs takes care of her prego mom. I was tired from all the playing. She looks like she is wondering when we are going to go again.

Aubrey showing off her Rock Climbing Skills. What I failed to get on video was Ryan's face. He was beaming while watching his little girl climb! It was awesome!

Aubrey seemed so confused about where Ryan was. It was so cute!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Always learning and growing!

Apples to Canning

Aubs with her ducky!

Grandma helped pick apples. Aubs tried to help but most of the ones she put in the basket were kind of moldy... She is such a good helper though!

Look at all these apple!!

They were so yummy!

Then Erin and I canned them!!

The kids loved them!! Yummmmmy!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Photoshoot of our little Aubs!

 This is her mischievous face! What is she up to?!

She can also be giving!

Those are apples from my grandma's apple tree! We had so many apples today! I got 3 bag fulls. I guess I am going to be canning tomorrow!!

 This is the one I am making wallets out of for the fam!! She has such a cute smile but I can't seem to get it very often. This was a one-in-a-million shot!

Pudding on the Rice

First I wanted to show how I made Aubs some leggings. I learned this from my friend Ashley's website: So many awesome ideas that I can't stop wanting to do all of them!!

Now I want to talk about this awesome Restaurant we went to in Portland for a date night! It is called Pudding on the Rice. I got a groupon for it, and thought it would be a fun place to check out! Ryan and I both got dessert crepes! Aubs was a little upset bc it was past her bedtime...

This is the guy that made out crepes. He used this cool stick tool to spin the batter around to smooth it over the skillet!
Here is Aubs posing by one of the little men painted on the wall! She loved them!!
Ryan got a White Chocolate, Strawberry, & Whipped Cream Crepe while I got a Nutella, Banana, and Whipped Cream Crepe. I thought Aubs would go crazy over these, but she didn't even want a bite. Toddlers go through the weirdest stages...
This is us extremely stuffed! They were huge!!
Aubs getting some exercise, even though it was us who needed it!
All-in-all, it was a fun date night. I think next time Ryan and I might take the max out there. It stops almost a block away from the restaurant. Such a cute place!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Annual Pierce Fishing Trip: 2010

Forgot to mention I am still pregnant. We found out its a boy! I am pretty sure this is me at about 20 weeks. So excited, but I am in full on getting ready mode and I have a little while to worry about it! haha

This is how Aubs feels about the baby. That smile is code for: I am going to eat him!

Now on to the fishing trip! Aubs spent a few days with her grandma. She wasn't there the whole fishing trip bc she went to Hawaii to see Rochelle. I told her I didn't feel bad for her whatsoever. She had an awesome time!

This is the first fish I caught of the year! Aubs touched it! YUCK!!

We camped two weekends. It was really fun, but not easy when you have a toddler. This was our first experience sleeping without a crib. She did pretty well. She did awesome at night.

All weekend she said, "Tyler, Tyler!" She loved hanging out with Tyler and eating candy out of her grandpa's booty box. He sugar detox afterward was pretty intense! (haha jk!)

This is my favorite pic of the trip! I love my little family!

There she goes, touching another fish!

These are the huge tin foil dinners I made. I forced Ryan's dad to eat one. They were HUGE!! I also made soup ahead of time and put then in jars. That worked really good to just heat up and eat really fast.

This is Ryan's 30 pounder! He was so proud!

Thats my man! Bringing home the bacon. Well in this case fish! Next year we will have little Jack with us! I think Ryan is pretty excited to have his little boy fishing with him. I am bumbed I didn't take any pics of Ryan's Grandma and pa Pierce. Aubs was obsessed with Grandma Pierce. One day she came down to our house to see it and to take us to lunch. We had so much fun!!

Toddler Bed Time!!!

Cutest face ever... right? Well I think so anyway! Well on Sept 11 we set up Aubs toddler bed. (Thanks Phillip and Cassi for the Hand-me-down) It is wonderful! I am just being a crazy mom trying to get everything ready for the newcomer. I guess I still have 4 months, but I am glad I did this first. Aubs is owning her toddler bed! We didn't even expect to start her in it, but she was just so excited about it, we let her sleep in it. The first night I was on edge and I heard a crash! I ran in her room thinking, SHE FELL OFF THE BED!!! Well she was on the ground by the door. So she must have gotten up and tripped. Since then she has been great, even during naps! I am so proud of our little girl! And yet I am a little sad to see her grow up so fast. I am trying to enjoy every moment before I have two to keep track of.

This is her YES pose! I love it!

I wanted to add a video of her in the bed. I think video's make it more real. She wanted to play in the bed that whole day!