Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fantasy Trail/Pumpkin Carving

 First we went to a haunted trail out in Oregon City for a double date with Erin and Neil. It was so much fun!! I went here as a kid. It is built for kids to go around the trail so it isn't very scary. But it was a fun way to get in the holiday spirit. If you want to check it out online here is the link, Fantasy Trail.

 This is the pirate ship that has a maze you can go through to get to the suspension bridge.

The jail has a tunnel inside that brings you out to the crazy house. 

Aubrey and Grandma Leland carving a pumpkin together
 I was coaching aubs the whole way. She loved getting her hands dirty!

It's a bat!!

 Now we carve with Daddy!!

 Aubrey even drew on her pumpkin.
 I am very serious about my pumpkin carving!

Ryan's pumpkin is always so creative. We even had one for the baby. Now whenever we leave our house Aubrey has to study the pumpkins... or sit on each of them. haha It's really cute!

Reunion at the Pumpkin Patch

So the thing that is so wonderful about our pumpkin patch trip was that our family from Utah was able to come with us. We did the same trip two years prior so it was fun to do it all over again. Here is a picture with David. I think over the years he really missed that popcorn, so in 2010 he is a lot happier to see it.

Pumpkin Patch with Family!