Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aubrey's 2 Years Old!!!

 She went from this...

To this...
(1 year old Birthday Party)

To this!!! Our Big 2 Year Old!! 

Can't forget the attitude! This girls got plenty to go around!

And there she goes! All done mommy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Aubrey!!
Love, Daddy & Mommy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

What every mother wants... but doesn't want...

is to hold your child and hope they stop growing! Not in the literal sense, like wanting to stunt their growth, but in the "She's growing up to fast!!!" sense. Today I was reading a book at the table while Aubrey was eating her lunch and then I looked up at her. She looked so much older! It made me want to stop everything I am doing and just stare at her so I wouldn't miss out on her baby stage.

She is turning two in a week and a half! Where did the time go? I am so torn because part of me wishes I could stop time and keep her little forever. Then another part of me is SO excited for the future and the things she will do. I guess in the whole spectrum of things I am just grateful to be her mom. To, right now, hear her want her mommy when she gets out of bed to cuddle. To sing "wheels on the bus" with her in the car. To dance to music with her, monkey, and Elmo. I love being a mom! It's really hard most of the time, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Did I mention she is going to be TWO?!? Love you Aubs!

 (She doesn't actually wear glasses if you were wondering. She just found mine and wanted to wear them. Then she wanted one of my necklaces as well. haha)

I wanted to add this picture in as well because I thought it was cute. Aubrey wanted to brush her teeth with her dad. She also had to stand like he did. So cute!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday Aubrey had some pretty awesome landmarks happen in her life. And since this blog is like my Journal of my family I have to post this! First off, she went poopy on the toilette!! Well, it was kind of a fluke thing, but she has never done it before so I am still excited. (Weird the things we get excited about when we become parents)

I got her out of the bath, dried her off and then let her hang out nacky for a bit bc she has a rash so I wanted it to dry out a little. Well she squatted down and before I knew it she was pooping on the ground! I was like, "NO Aubrey!!! You need to do that on the toilette! So I picked her up and put her on the toilette and she continued to do her business. Then when I got her off the toilette and put her in a diaper she went again!!! haha Anyway, my little girl is growing up and I am not sure I am ready for it. Good thing she still has her cute baby cheeks, otherwise I might be a little depressed.

Second Landmark! She said a sentence! My mom is so patient with Aubrey. She reads to her so much. Some of her favorite books include, "Three little bears," "Millie Moo," and "Monkey's jumping on the bed." So yesterday while they were reading the monkey book Aubrey said, "No more monkey jumping bed!" So cute!! This one I got on Video! Take a look: