Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awesome Weekend: Monday

 We said goodbye to Uncle Jason. He moved to Utah on Monday to work, go to school, and be closer to his beau. We are really excited for him and his new adventures! We love him a lot though so he will be missed. Especially by Ryan, he is losing his Disc Golfing Buddy.

We took the kids to the children's museum. Didn't get a lot of pics of the kids in the inside. Cassi and I were too busy chasing after them and making sure the babies were okay. The kids had a ton of fun though!
 This picture is a miracle.

 Jamaica did want to leave, Aubs was exhausted and Gracie was still going strong!

This sums up how Aubrey was during the whole trip. Run!!!!

Awesome Weekend: Saturday & Sunday

 We blessed our baby boy!
His Dad gave him the most beautiful blessing. It was a neat experience having it at our home. The spirit was so strong. I started crying right when we sang the first song, "I am a Child of God." I am pretty sure that song was chosen because everyone knew it, but I thought it was perfect for the occasion.

These are all the men that were involved in the blessing. 
I am so proud of all our priesthood holders!

Grandma Tidwell put Aubrey to bed and read her a book. I think one day Aubrey is going to cherish this picture. I think it is so sweet!

On Sunday, Ryan's cousin Tyler got the priesthood! We drove down there after church but didn't make it in time. We still got to spend the evening with the family though!

Awesome Weekend: Friday

 First off, Ryan's brother Aaron got home from his mission the day before. He served in the Odgen Utah Mission. This is also the first time Ryan's Dad, brother Aaron and Sister Katie have ever met Ethan. 

 Then we had Ranae's wedding. They gave Aubrey her own special bouquet. You can only image how important she felt. She took it everywhere with her. Whenever she saw Renae she would say, "Nay!" It was adorable! 

 What can I say, She loves her grandpa!

Helping Grandpa with the music.
 These are the amazing ice sculptures Bert made for his daughter's wedding. Aubrey knocked them over and broke one of the wing tips. Luckily it was after the reception was over.

Aubs doing the Chicken Dance!