Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ethan's 2 Months Old!

 There he is! My little 2 month old! (Well actually 2 1/2) It seems like he has been in our family a lot longer than that! I love this little guy so much! He has already brought so much to our family! He also just had his 2 month appt! So here are his stats:
                                                   Height: 24.5in long (50%)
                                                   Weight: 12lbs 4.5oz (47.7%)
                                                   Head: 16.5in (82.3%)

Yep, he is still keeping the Pierce family head size alive! Although Aubs was always in the upper 90's, 80 is still pretty good! haha!

Aubs sure loves this little guy!

 Here is the newest member of our family! Yep I know I said I would never get one... but here it is! We got a van. And I love it!! It even has a remote that opens the doors for me! I keep looking out our front window at it, because I can't believe we bought it! As Cassi would say, "Welcome to the Minnie Van Mama Club!"

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am a Child of God

Does anyone remember me posting this video of Aubrey singing "I am a child of God" when she was really little. Well here she is again but a little older!

Aaron is home from his mission!

We were able to go to Pasco this weekend to see Ryan's brother Aaron give his mission homecoming talk. He served in the Ogden Utah Mission. We are so proud of him! That sunday was also Ryan's Dad Brent's first Sunday in his ward as the New Bishop! It was wonderful to be apart of!

Here are some pics to reminisce!

 This is right before Aaron left on his mission. Aubrey was only a few months old. 

 This is when Rachelle met Aubrey for the first time right after she got home from her mission.

And this is Stephen right after his mission. 

Now Aaron is home!!

Snow Day

 This last week we had a snow day here in Portland. And for anyone who has lived here knows, this shuts down everything. haha! Which makes snow day's very special here! So we had a big breakfast with eggs, hash browns and hot chocolate. It felt like a holiday. It was Great!
Here is Aubrey's reaction to the snow. We got her up that morning, told her there was a surprise and showed her the outside! She freaked!! I was very happy about her reaction! 

 We even built a little snowman! He recieved a lot of hugs and kisses from a certain little toddler!

 And she received them back.
 Yep We are proud of our little snowman friend.

Here is Aubrey's first reaction to the Snow.