Thursday, May 26, 2011


So I have been trying to think of an acronym for posts about funny things aubrey has said or done, so that I can remember them and tell them to her later. Well this is what I came up with W. A. D. T. What Aubrey did today. I am sure I will have to change it later because it will need to include Ethan too. But for now I will go with WADT. So here it goes:

What Aubrey Did Today: (well actually two days ago)
   Aubrey and I were singing Old McDonald together (which we do all the time) and I sang, "Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei ow, and on that farm he had a ___________" (Aubs fills in the blank) "Picture!" I turn to her and say, "What does a picture sound like?" And she reply's "Cheese!!" That is my photography savy little princess!!