Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Family Ride!

So here it is! Our new boat! Well, it is old in years but new to us! We are so excited about it! I remember going out on my Dad's boat as a kid! We had a blast. Just cruising along on the river with the wind in your hair! Best feeling in the world!
 Yeah, we were all smiles! Aubs was so excited! She was jumping up and down!

 Here is her maiden voyage! If you have ever been to Meldrum Bar you will appreciate how high the water is. U can't even see the bar! It's completely covered in water!

 Yeah, she looks mighty fine in that water! We are thinking about naming her the Aubrey Mae!

 Of course my dad wouldn't miss this boat ride. I think he was almost as excited as Ryan.

 We went really close to the submarine at OMSI. Aubrey was fascinated by it.
 We drove all the way down to Portland! This is an awesome view!

Aubs can't forget her food!
 Ryan let Aubrey drive the boat. It was so funny. We kept going around in circles. When he would try and help her steer she would push his hand away and say, "No Daddy, I drive!"

 Crazy Driver!!

The whole family on the river. (Just the way Ryan likes it!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rising Stars!

This is what happens when Jamaica gets on photobooth without me knowing. ha ha! I love it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rookie and Rocky

So we have decided that Ethan and L.J's nicknames should be Rookie and Rocky. The reason for that is simply because Phillip loves to play baseball and Ryan loves to rockclimb. So naturally those nicknames were born. Here is a video of RnR together. Someday these post are going to be titled Rookie and Rocky strikes again! Just you wait. I am sure these boys are going to get into trouble together sooner or later.

 They already have guilty faces!

Friday, June 10, 2011

What would you chose?

if you were doing a big group family picture, which color scheme would you chose?

Choice 1

Choice 2

Choice 3

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katie's Graduation and a Big Suprise!!

We went to Pasco this weekend and had a great time! Ryan's Sister Katie Graduated from Pasco High School. We are so proud of her and the person she has become! She is amazing! A lot of the family came to celebrate as well!

 Aubrey even had her Bulldog there to cheer on the Pasco BULLDOGS!!

Grandma & pa Pierce came all the way from Utah for the occasion! 
 Blake's glasses are so cool in this picture! He is too!
You can't see Burt but Angie, Tyler Ranae and Matt are there! Ranae and Matt drove down in our car with us!
Here they come walking onto the field! 2011 Pasco Seniors!!

 I was getting so excited, taking pictures of Katie coming to sit down and in the back of my I hear Ryan's Aunt Angie getting really excited saying, "Oh my Gosh!" Then someone runs into me crowd surfing over the family. Suddenly I see Rachelle's Face!!! She wasn't supposed to get back from BYU Hawaii until June 15th but she came home early and surprised everyone! Even her parents!! Best surprise ever!

 This is the first time Aaron & Rachelle have seen each other in 4 years!
Katie after the ceremony! She was so happy. 

 Katie asked her dad ahead of time is he was going to cry. He said he didn't think so, he has been through this 5 times already. Well he didn't cry... until they came down the hill onto the field! ha ha!!
 Grandma & pa Pierce
 Grandma & Pa Tidwell
Proud Parents!
Here is the surprise part!
 There is everyone!!
Congrats again Katie! I'm surprised you could hold yourself up with all those cool lays around your neck!
This is the 4 generation "Jack" picture!! I was so excited to get this picture!! Ethan is asleep in it bit I think it still turned out great! I am so excited that my little guy can take after these wonderful men!