Thursday, July 7, 2011

Crashing at the Westwoods!

 The last week and a half have been so exciting!! I feel like we have been in the car so much! The van handled smashingly! Love traveling in that thing. The kids did amazing! All in all, it was an awesome vacation. So first on our trip was making a quick stop at the Westwoods. We made it to their house at about 3:00am!!! We were all very tired, but still stayed up and talked for a bit. The next morning I got to see sweet Adam. The first thing he said to me was, "When is Aubrey going to wake up?" haha! They were both very excited to see each other!

 We played with this cool rocket thing! That is, until I got it stuck on the roof... oops!

Ethan was reading up on his white water rafting techniques. 

 I think the kids were getting tired because it was so hot out! I think that say was forecasted to be over 90 degrees!
 This is Adam's pose he likes to do for the camera.

 He also wanted to help me take some pictures.

We had so much fun seeing our friends again! We miss them so much and are so excited for their new little baby girl! What an amazing family!!